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8 steps to the perfect fire

chimney will be cleaner and safer
October 17, 2018
Getting it right is easy once you know how – you can have a great fire, pollution will be minimised, you’ll save money and your chimney will be cleaner and safer.
Step 1: Use plenty of small kindling
Step 2: Set all air controls to fully open
Step 3: Allow reasonable burn for 10 to 15 minutes
Step 4: Re-fuel with slightly larger logs
Step 5: When it’s hot enough you may be able to close off the air control but not too much.
Step 6: Keep it hot, if you are using a flue thermometer, aim for the middle of “best operation”
Step 7: Maintain a good bright flame with medium sized logs
Step 8: Check the top of the chimney – if you see smoke – adjust the air controls
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