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‘Bits’ keep falling down my chimney!

Seeing debris falling into your open fireplace is relatively common, and there can be a few different reasons for it.

Preserving the guarantee on your woodburner and chimney

To preserve the guarantees on your woodburner and chimney, you may well need to have them swept / serviced.


Wet Wood and Logs – New Rules

There are new rules in England for the sale of wood fuel. There may be similar changes in the devolved parts of the UK in the future.

The one that got away, and a lucky householder!

It’s relatively common for chimney sweeps to receive a call about a bird stuck in the chimney. With a bit of preparation and care, it is usually freed without harm (or mess!).

Nests in your chimney can be a BIG problem

Jackdaws love nesting in chimneys and that can be a problem.

Sweeps warn of spike in chimney fires

The combination of lockdown and cold weather means people are at home using their fires for many more hours per week. Unfortunately for some, this will result in a potentially dangerous chimney fire.

Chimney Sweep Roof Top

Can my chimney sweep visit during a lockdown?

YES, of course your sweep can visit during a lockdown. Restrictions don't apply to tradespeople carrying out work, it's friends and family that are restricted. BUT .....

Outstanding Sweep

Sweeps response to crisis “Just Outstanding”

“JUST OUTSTANDING”. That’s how Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps chairman Lawson Wight described the way professional sweeps are meeting the coronavirus challenges head on.

Consumer Fuels Guidance

Changes to fuels for sale. What does it mean to you?

National Bird Guard Week

National Bird Guard Week – 9th to 13th March

Birds trapped in chimneys suffer a slow death.

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