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Consumer Fuels Guidance

Changes to fuels for sale. What does it mean to you?

National Bird Guard Week

National Bird Guard Week – 9th to 13th March

Birds trapped in chimneys suffer a slow death.

Kenilworth welcomes 500 Chimney Sweeps

Lucky or what?

Summer birch wood

Amazing Natural Firelighter

This completely natural firelighter will surprise you.

Devoted couple died in their own garage

They tragically died of CO poisoning while attempting to reverse a Mercedes-Benz car into a protective plastic bag

Fighting for his daughter in the Sahara desert

'We fight for our girl every day. Every day of her life is a fight' - Chimney Sweep Paul Blinstone

14 wheelbarrows of nest removed from chimney – a warning for new homeowners!

Guild member removed a whopping 14 wheelbarrows of Jackdaw nest.

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