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How to prepare for your chimney sweep’s arrival

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January 20, 2019

CONSUMERS can worry about how to prepare for a chimney sweep ringing the doorbell and setting to work clearing all the muck out of the chimney.

Your Guild sweep can give precise instructions in advance on how to prepare for his or her arrival.

Yet there are also some general points for you to take on board, before the sweep arrives.

  • Firstly, remember they’re coming! Nothing’s worse for a sweep than him or her arriving to find you’d forgotten about the appointment.
  • We’ve all seen those notes in GP surgeries talking about how missed medical appointments costs the NHS so-much each year.
  • A chimney sweep is a self-employed tradesman who relies on their trade as a way of making a living. The main focus of a sweep is to protect your family and property but of course there’s a practical point in that they do need to get paid! And that can only happen if the sweeping actually takes place.
  • It’s actually dangerous to forget your local sweep is coming because if the appointment is missed and your chimney is not swept, it means your household could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and out-of-control fires in the chimney itself. At very least your fire may not be running efficiently and you could be wasting money and causing unnecessary pollution.
  • So… please do remember that the sweep is due to arrive. Simply put it in the diary when the appointment is first made and if there’s a problem, let the sweep know as soon as possible.
  • There are also other practical points – give the sweep room to work. Make sure the area near the fireplace is free of any clutter and you’re happy for the sweep to work in the room without any risk to your bone china collection or ornaments or whatnot. Clear away anything like that and the sweep can then focus solely on the task.
  • Hot ash should be taken away safely from the fireplace the night before the appointment. Wood ash makes good fertiliser if you’re wondering what to do with it! Never discard any substance which is still alight. Wait for it all to cool down first.
  • Hearth furniture and companion sets should also be moved away from the fireplace area.
  • Do make sure that there are no children or vulnerable adults in the room. Please let the chimney sweep get on with his or her work without distraction. The sweep should also being fresh dust sheets to each job, so don’t worry about any mess.

Members of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps are seasoned professionals and taking these few steps to prepare for an appointment will help him or her serve you better.

If you’re concerned about any aspect of chimney sweeping, contact your sweep as soon as possible for professional advice.


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