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Guild Certified Chimney Sweep

High Peak Chimney Sweep

Tim Hutton
Guild Certified Chimney Sweep in High Peak, Derbyshire
Tim Hutton

High Peak Chimney Sweep offers a clean, friendly and professional service to ensure that your chimney works safely and efficiently. From a standard sweep through to investigative work using CCTV, I can provide practical assistance and advice to maintain your chimney and help you get the most from your stove or fire.


The way they build the nest is by dropping or pushing twigs down the chimney. If the chimney is small enough they will bend the twig in the middle as they push it down the flue. When they release it, it may wedge itself in place.


Do you want to protect your chimney against birds? Have you got a bird’s nest in your chimney that needs removing? For a range of bird guards for your chimney, get in touch with High Peak Chimney Sweep.


When a problem arises with your chimney it can be challenging to identify what exactly has gone wrong. One option is to knock a hole in the chimney breast but this is very messy, gives limited access and has no guarantee of success.

Some recent projects


  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Advice
  • Bird Nests Removed
  • Commercial Chimney Sweeping


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