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Guild chimney sweeps offer a friendly service but take their profession of protecting lives very seriously.

Guild chimney sweeps offer a friendly service but take their profession of protecting lives very seriously

THE MODERN HISTORY of chimney sweeping, in the past 200 years or so, is full of merriment, mystery and tragedy – from the days when a poor little boy or girl sweep was made to climb inside the dark, hot flues to clean the soot; to ol’ Bert from Mary Poppins twirling across a rooftop with a chimney brush in hand.

And that’s not to mention the numerous poems, stories and folklore created about chimney sweeps, often about the issues of youngsters having to work in the trade; such as Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper or The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen.

Inviting a chimney sweep to a wedding day is also meant to bring good luck – a popular myth which results in a sweep posing for photos next to the bride and groom, and giving the new wife a kiss.

It seems all very interesting, and even good fun. Yet there is a big problem for both the consumer/customer and the modern chimney sweep in the midst of this fanfare of Mary Poppins and kissing brides and whatnot.

And the issue is this – chimney sweeping may have a rich folklore heritage but its importance lies predominantly in what the trade is all about: saving lives. It’s a fact which can sometimes, even in our modern age where indoor fires are so popular, struggle to be taken seriously. We get distracted by our memories of seeing ol’ Bert’s dancing!

That’s not an over-the-top statement to make, it’s a simple truth. Your local Guild sweep isn’t employed in her or her trade because they want to dance across the rooftops.

When you get that knock on the door, and the Guild sweep arrives to inspect and sweep your chimney – please bear this in mind. The sole reason why your chimney is being both checked and swept is that we don’t want you or your loved ones to die from a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. We’re 100 per cent serious about it, although, of course, you can expect your Guild sweep to give a friendly service.

That’s why it is so – so – important to book regular sweeping appointments with your local Guild sweep. The work of professional chimney sweeps, trained and supported by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, is to protect lives in the area in which they work.

Make it easier for your Guild sweep to look after your household and keep you all safe. Book an appointment now via the Findachimneysweep directory.

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