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Warning – burn your Christmas tree safely!

January 10, 2019

WARNING – now that the festive season is over you may be thinking of burning your Christmas tree or large parts of it in your woodburning stove or open fire. Please do NOT do this unless you do so in small pieces! It’s very dangerous otherwise.

Giving your old tree another use is great but there are several reasons why you should not burn branches of your tree  unless perhaps it is just three or four hand-sized sprigs at a time, preferably just as kindling. Christmas trees are usually pines, spruces and firs. The needles dry out in the period after festive celebrations as the tree dies. The large surface area of all those dry needles makes them very flammable and the shower of sparks produced by such a fire can be difficult to control. With an open fire his could cause havoc in the room as well as potentially setting any uncleaned chimney on fire.

Intense fires created by burning large parts of the trees very quickly can also damage your fireplace / stove etc. You will cause a lot of smoke and unnecessary pollution.

So, how should you get rid of your Christmas tree safely? Unless you want to burn the trees a few small pieces at a time… simply take the tree to your nearest waste recycling facility who can dispose of it for you.

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