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Why the Guild trade exhibition matters

February 26, 2019

YOU probably aren’t aware of a big event happening in the chimney trade this week – the annual trade exhibition by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

That’s good news for you as a consumer because it reaffirms your local Guild sweep’s commitment to working to the highest of industry standards.

The trade show (we won’t bore you with detail!) is a busy event where hundreds of sweeps can talk with suppliers and refresh their chimney sweeping equipment so that they utilise the very best tools for the trade. Sweeps also attend seminars about the trade and we’re particularly excited this year about the BurnRight Campaign (now supported by hundreds of sweeps) celebrating its first birthday.

BurnRight campaign details here.

And yes, there’s lots of fun but what’s great about the show is that sweeps are also able to talk to each other and both give and receive practical advice.

That sense of community within the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps really does benefit you, the consumer. Because we sweeps are learning from each other and that means we can give the highest professional service to customers.

It’s not just the annual trade show whereby Guild sweeps interact. We also attend regional meetings and keep in touch via online forums including social media. Chimneys and indoor fires present all kinds of challenges and barely a day goes past without a sweep asking for advice from others in the Guild community, who are only too willing to give practical pointers.

If you do hear your local Guild sweep mentioning the trade show, it’s great news for you as a consumer. It’s a reminder that your sweep takes his or her profession very seriously indeed.

If you need to find your local sweep then please look at our

 findachimneysweep directory

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