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Chimney Sweep Training

Whether you are a complete novice looking for a new career or already an experienced sweep the Guild offers the best chimney sweep training anywhere in the UK.

In person chimney sweep courses in the UK

he Guild offers a variety of excellent chimney sweeps training courses. Chimney sweep courses can vary hugely and some providers are simply privately owned companies that look like trade associations! Don’t leave your business to chance – trust the Guild and join the hundreds of successful, qualified and safe chimney sweeps across the UK.

Visit the Guild website for details of our chimney sweep training courses.

Training Courses available:

  • The Guild Training Course (including on-site training and mentoring)
  • Combined CCTV Survey and Chimney Integrity Testing Course
  • Thatch Property Sweeping Course
  • 5-yearly Refresher Course *
  • On-site Trainer Course *

All courses have been developed and delivered by qualified trainers and assessors who themselves are experienced chimney sweeps.

Courses are all delivered at leading training centres.

* Only available to existing members.

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