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Deadly spiders in UK chimneys!

October 20, 2019

Deadly spiders have been found in UK chimneys. But these are not some exotic species that hitched a lift in a box of bananas. They are common spiders found all over the country.

The video shows a mass of cobwebs which had completely blocked the chimney above this wood burning stove. Blocked chimneys can kill!

Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps chairman Lawson Wight said, “This is a huge amount of cobweb which built up over just a few months.  A blocked chimney from a fire or boiler can be very dangerous as it can let poisonous gasses in to the property.”

Lawson added: “Chimneys can be a great environment for spiders. We sometimes hear customers saying they don’t think the chimney needs sweeping because they didn’t use it much last year. Cobwebs are just another reason why that’s a poor choice to make.”

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