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Learn about Chimney Fires

August 29, 2019

CHIMNEY fires are a hazard posing a risk to people and property.

That is why the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps is supporting the national Chimney Fire Safety Week, September 2 to 8.

The campaign seeks to educate consumers about using chimneys safely, regular chimney sweeping and using the right fuels.

Lawson Wight, Guild chairman, said: “A chimney fire can take hold very quickly and is a serious risk to people and property. It’s not just the  fire, there is a risk from leaking poisonous gasses. If you do suspect a chimney fire, all occupants should leave the property immediately and call 999 for help.”

He added: “Every chimney should be inspected and tested after a chimney fire, it is a myth that a fire has ‘cleaned the chimney’. There can be hidden damage and the chimney may be  unfit for purpose. If the chimney is damaged and continues to be used, then it may leak poisonous carbon monoxide. A damaged chimney may not be able to contain any future fire, so get a proper inspection.”

The good news is that your local professional sweep is best placed to help. They can:

  • Clean the chimney
  • Perform a professional inspection (or tell you who can)
  • Advise you on correct fuel and burning habits to reduce future risk BurnRight campaign
  • Advise on any repairs required or refer you to another professional
  • Provide additional useful safety advice

Most chimney fires can be prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance. Professional sweeps can advise on efficient burning, which will significantly reduce soot and tar deposits in your chimney.

Book regular chimney sweeping appointments  A member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps (other professional chimney sweeps are available) will be happy to help you. Make sure that you have a working carbon monoxide and smoke detector and that they are correctly positioned.

– Please follow this link for further adviceUseful safety information.


Photo by Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

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