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Nick Snook

Nick Snook

Red Rail Cottages,, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire, HR2 6QT



Professional chimney & stove services including sweeping, stove care, repair, installation & surveying.

Whether it’s your little old stove, a historic fireplace or large commercial appliance, STS can help you to keep it working safely & at its best.

We are proud to work within listed & heritage properties for organisations such as the National Trust where the utmost care & attention is required to maintain their stoves & fireplaces to the highest standards.

We’re a family business based in South Herefordshire with a real passion for what we do, keeping the home fires burning brightly for our customers.


Ross-on-Wye, Hereford, Ledbury, Monmouth & surrounding areas

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  • Advice
  • Biomass Sweeping
  • Bird Nests Removed
  • Birdguards Supplied / Fitted
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Chimney Testing
  • CO Alarms Supplied
  • Commercial Chimney Sweeping
  • Historic / Thatched Property Approved Sweep
  • Power Sweeping
  • Stove Repairs

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10 Things To Ask Your Sweep On Their Next Visit

10 Things To Ask Your Sweep On Their Next Visit

A wood burning stove gives you the choice of opting for a carbon neutral, renewable, and sustainable domestic heat source. Here are 10 things to ask your chimney sweep on their next visit to help you find the best way to achieve efficiency and low environmental impact with your woodburner or fire.

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Find A Sweep How-To Videos

Useful tips and advice to help you get the most our of your wood burner or open fire.

Getting it right

By following the best operation practices for your Wood burner, you can save money, reduce polution and prevent the risk of a chimney fire, which are all key considerations for the safety and efficiency of your appliance.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

If you have an Open fire or Wood burning stove, you should invest in a Carbon Monoxide Alarm, as it will provide a warning of any hazardous gases that could enter your living space, helping to protect you and your family.

Service and Maintenance

It is very important to service and clean your Open fire and Wood burning stove regularly to ensure its safe and efficient operation. Ask your local certified sweep to provide a comprehensive service, including inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of your appliance.

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