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Trevor Nippress
Qualified Chimney Sweep in Sudbury, Suffolk
Trevor Nippress

At Versa Clean we offer a quick but more importantly clean service. Trevor has been trained by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps & is NVQ Qualified and we follow their guidelines and practices in how we conduct ourselves and how we work. Also, because of our affiliation to the Guild, we are able to issue the customer with an insurance approved certificate after the chimney has been satisfactorily swept. In fact, some insurance companies insist on the householder having their chimney swept at least once a year. After sweeping we conduct a smoke test to check the chimney is drawing correctly.

You may find that your fire or appliance is less efficient than usual or that smoke is escaping back in to the room, or you may have discovered twigs or debris in the grate. The most common reason for this would be a blockage, possibly caused by a nest. If you leave these blockages in place, you run the risk of having a chimney fire or preventing the escape of deadly Carbon Monoxide.

We can remove the blockage with minimal disruption. Although removing nests can be time consuming we will ensure that all sticks and debris are removed and can also supply and fit a bird guard to the top of the chimney to prevent the problem reoccurring if requested.


  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Advice
  • Bird Nests Removed
  • Birdguards Supplied / Fitted
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Commercial Chimney Sweeping



Sudbury, Long Melford, Glemsford, Cornard, Halstead, Bures, Assington, Alpheton, Bury St Edmunds, Hadleigh, Lavenham, Monks Eleigh, Waldingfield, Boxford, Nayland, Cockfield, Ipswich, Whelnetham, Lawshall, Hedingham, Stowmarket, Clare

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