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Traditional House Coal Ban for England

Centuries of history came to a close on May 1st 2023 as the sale of traditional housecoal was banned for domestic use in England, although there is no change in other parts of the UK.

House Coal Ban In England

Centuries of history came to a close on May 1st 2023 as the sale of traditional housecoal was banned for domestic use in England, although there is no change in other parts of the UK.

The fuel – which powered Britain’s Industrial Revolution – is no longer available for homes due to new laws aimed at improving air quality levels. A exception has been made for coal mined by the ‘Freeminers’ of the Forest of Dean, where it can continue to be mined for sale locally. Heritage venues, steam railways and steam vehicles can continue.

The government is promoting the use of cleaner burning fuels such as smokeless coal and wood logs. The general ban on housecoal has been phased in over several years, beginning with the sale of sealed bags of coal back in 2021.

Lawson Wight, chairman of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, said: “While relatively few people still use housecoal, its passing marks the end of a very long chapter in our country’s history and our entire world would look quite different without it.

“The good news is that there are plenty alternatives already on the market and used in greater volumes than housecoal. For instance, there are a number of smokeless coal brands available, not to mention renewable fuels like wood logs and wood briquettes.”

The mining of coal in the UK has been declining for generations. In the 1870s, around 467,000 men were employed in pits. By 1970, that figure had halved. The rise of domestic gas, and cheaper imports, sounded the death-knell for many jobs.

The last commercial coal mine in England, The Bradley Mine in County Durham, closed in 2020.

Hitler, Housecoal & Smoke Control Areas

Did you know that Adolf Hitler is partly responsible for Smoke Control Areas, which created the first ever UK restrictions on housecoal?

SCAs were brought in following the Great London Smog of 1952. The ‘pea souper’, which took five days to disappear, caused an estimated 12,000 deaths.

One of the biggest culprits of the smog was the use of lower-grade high sulphur coal. Millions of Brits were forced to burn this rather than premium coal, which was being shipped to America to help Britain pay off its debts to Uncle Sam after World War II.

The Great Smog ushered in the Clean Air Act 1956, which brought in Smoke Control Areas and specifically banned housecoal use in certain areas.

People in a Smoke Control Area with open fires should only burn approved smokeless fuels – wood is not allowed. People with a multi-fuel stove in a control area should ensure their stove is ‘Defra Exempt’ if they want to burn wood.  You can find your local Smoke Control Area here

Sweeps Are ‘Breathing A Sigh of Relief!’

To chimney sweeps, the passing of housecoal is likely to be cheered rather than mourned.

Lawson explained: “Housecoal always creates an awful lot of soot. Light and fluffy in texture, it is notoriously difficult to contain, especially on larger open fires.

“Thankfully, modern professional sweeps have various ways to contain soot and dust, but to this day, some customers will still sheet out the entire room before the sweep arrives.”

“The smell is also very distinctive and, depending on your point of view, you love it or hate it!”

“I don’t think many sweeps will be sad to see the back of housecoal from a purely sweeping point of view.”

“But as a trade which grew almost in tandem with housecoal, I’m sure we can all appreciate the massive contribution it has made to both our trade and the history of our country.”

“There are no changes to the laws on using house coal, if you have some and don’t live in a Smoke Control Area you may continue. You just won’t be able to buy it anymore.”

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