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Your AGA / Rayburn flue definitely needs sweeping

September 10, 2019

You MUST have your AGA or Rayburn cooker flue swept if they run on oil or gas or solid fuel. Regular servicing alone is not enough.


BEFORE SWEEPING                                       AFTER SWEEPING

This is a common sight for chimney sweeps. These before and after pictures were taken looking up the AGA flue pipe.  The pipe was half blocked, seriously increasing the danger from poisonous carbon monoxide. If your Aga or Rayburn cooker runs on oil or gas it’s not usually soot you have to worry about but a build up of house dust in the flue. The one in the picture was swept two years ago.

Most AGA’s etc. will be drawing air into the chimney / flue from the cooking area 24 hours a day. That means lots of cooking vapours and a constant stream of tiny house dust particles being pulled up the flue. These will eventually build up and can lead to a dangerous blockage and possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do you find yourself regularly wiping the dust from the little black slatted box below the flue pipe – like the one below? The dust you wipe away is only a small part of what goes up the flue.

If you have an AGA, you probably have an open fire or woodburning stove. When you book your sweep, ask them to  show you what’s up your AGA / Rayburn flue. Then get them to sweep it, you may be very glad you did!

Find your local professional sweep here  www.findachimneysweep.co.uk


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